Craft Restaurant
in Parkhurst

The inspiration behind Craft was driven by two nostalgic individuals, Jo Pinheiro & Chris Mandos, in a quest to develop a unique restaurant with words such as hand made, old school, authentic, attention to detail, artisanal and personal as a major part of the Craft vocabulary.

"People want to be taken back to an era when one only bought ingredients and not mass produced meals, an era when craftsmen took immense pride in their vocations and things were made with love rather than measurement, with care rather than science, an era when quality and individuality was a common given".

The focus is on individuality and hospitality and doing things old school in a modern way.  The look has a hint of Steampunk complimented by natural elements: antique mirrors, natural woods, natural leathers, bentwood chairs, deep buttoned leather couches, face brick, parquet flooring, copper, stainless steel and retro tiles. Located on the corner of Forth Avenue to the East and Thirteenth Street to the North, stacking doors open the restaurant up to the bustle of the high street and natural sunlight throughout the day.  In the evening  the warm glow emitted from the copper clad wood fired oven and the overhead retro Edison bulbs is comforting.

Our modern fast-paced lifestyle has weakened our connections, all spheres of our lives are rushed, time is a commodity and we consistently squeeze the last drop of ourselves, leaving nothing for enjoyment. The place evokes a sense of comfort and belonging, where one can slow down and enjoy an authentic meal experience, a place where one can take a minute to stop and enjoy one’s own company, or have a drink or meal with a friend, a loved one, or to celebrate and to share time with friends, family or friends you're yet to meet.

Things made with love rather than measurement, with care rather than science.